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Joshua Fairburn8 months ago
Im starting to be annoyed with the script about how good to her he is i mean if he really cared about her wouldn't he be concerned with he families torture and death wich would be upsetting to her hey i care for you so i brought you some toys and good food btw your familly got murdered but i didnt care
Minichan7 months ago
SS' characterization is so weak. The author could have done better. I guess the brother was supposedly a tool for the mystery.
XxxVxxX6 months ago
I think SS identity can't just meddle into a clan's affair. My guess is he's God's domain's highness as per the convo with the girl who stopped Yanxiao's way. If that's the case, he can not easily meddle into Vermillion's clan's affair because his identity is so noble
Pixy3 months ago
I’m guessing it’s more for her protection, as it was with Shen Feng. He didn’t overtly help with the bullying because it would be more likely to escalate when he wasn’t around. If they think of her as some “trash” then they feel safe pulling petty stuff. I imagine the important part was to make sure she was under the radar so that when she’d become a target only when she broke the seals and was able to defend herself. If I recall correctly, the killing intent didn’t appear until after she started exhibiting her power. It’s also very possible that her physical body would recover after the seals broke. Masks are a recurring image and I think in some way the seals were like a full body/essence mask. Until she started emerging, the girl was no one.
Winter1 year ago
Little did he know that she's already the demon lord.
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