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Hope58361 year ago
So is Xiu the last god?
Pixy3 months ago
That’s my thinking. He may have been able to imprint a bit of his soul into, say, a baby when he got strong enough?
FoxReader50631 year ago
So i didi an account just to say this..... But little lan age is almost like the mc.... What if when people took her when she was a baby they take something from her and use it in kittle lan, and the thing they take made her being a waste. So her big brother saved her and also put xiu in her body to prevent the bad people to get the last thing they need it??
Navier5 months ago
It's what I think, maybe because no MC couldn't resist Xiu so she went dumb (sorry for my bad English)
leafy1 year ago
meanwhile, a certain god or whatever that is a living soul: aaaah aaaah aaaah achoooo!!! but i'm still not sure he is that god or not lol Read more :P Show less
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