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Pixy3 months ago
Jolting...buttocks? I didn’t think it was this kind of story. 🆒
Fluffy5 months ago
What.. dumb qiao, how did you became a demon.. Wait.. why r u even here 😱😱
I'm the mighty Meh Meh!!!5 months ago
Oh😮...demon qiao...dumb qiao...what!!!?!?!?😂😂😂😂😂
Ara~8 months ago
Dumb qiao has joined the chat 🤣🤣welcome welcome 🙌
YueXie7 months ago
This was his previous life. A demon he was
Evee_the_reader4 weeks ago
i dun get it....
Phantom394611 months ago
I kinda feel bad for the demons who want to live as they usually do... T-T
Phantom394611 months ago
I kinda feel bad for the demons who want to live as they usually do... T-T
Wolftome11 months ago
Dumb chu why are you here as a demon?
Ciana De La Tore11 months ago
ShinnAkira10 months ago
He has nothing to do..?😂
Abrar Reza10 months ago
Cause he got bored after Fei Yan entered a relationship!🤣
Stressed by a Mountain of Books11 months ago
Ahh.. Dumb Qiao's life before reincarted in GD:BBM was a demon. Too bad.
Foxyfet11 months ago
Hahaha Qiao Chu
Rin—1 year ago
Is this a cross over with Genius Doctor now? ???
kaoru1 year ago
what kind of idiom is jolting buttocks? ?
SaikiDesu1 year ago
Dumb qiao to Demon qiao. Poor qiao ?
Littlepig1 year ago
?????lol qiao chu, they turned you into a demon here..bwaaaahahahaha i cant stop laughing, omg
Elle1 year ago
Hahaha I love the familiar names in this story! First, Nangong Lie, now it's Qiao Chu hahaha
Ri//1 year ago
But SY saved JWX life in modern times and died because of that. They will not fight ??
infinite_snow1 year ago
The good for nothing seventh young lady vs Genius doctor : black Belly miss I wonder who will win shen yanxiao has a great group of friends(animals) and her grandpa and brother and she gave xie and she is an elf(which is the best part for me) while a jun wuxie has jun quasi and the five comrades with a great group of family
SoftFeather1 year ago
Wahahahahaha Qiao Chu became a demon here. That's unexpected. First, Nangong Lie now it's Qiao Chu i wonder who will be Shen Yanxiao's greatest enemy here will be. Maybe it will be Jun Wuxie ?????
leafy1 year ago
that will be the cause of destruction of the world lol... Jun Wuxie vs Shen Yanxiao the crossover that cause the worst destruction lol Read more
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