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YueXie7 months ago
This explains why Rolly was dumb Qiao's ring spirit. The fluffiness was to soften the blows... Also yue Ye and yue (forgot) is like yiu ___ and her brother/person who is protecting her And the killing god child is little jue Read more Looks like Jun Wu Xie companions were all around in Shen yanxiao world... Show less
njugu686 months ago
Memories, what about Lord meh meh
ShinnAkira10 months ago
Little lord playing bandit with dumb qiao lol
Rin—1 year ago
Indeed, what the hell, Dumb Qiao ???
Zelley1 year ago
Hahahahahahahahahahahah..... Dumb qiao
Zelley1 year ago
Hahahahahahahahahahahah..... Dumb qiao
Winter1 year ago
Expecting common sense? How naive!
kyaa_muffin1 year ago
Y'all might be strong but she's uncontested when it comes to shamelessness!
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