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Minichan9 months ago
@Alter Ego, literature is an art and art imitates life. That arc in the novel made me feel devastated but then again that happens in real life. Not everything in life is full of rainbows, butterflies, unicorns.
Silver Daisy8 months ago
Indeed it’s true. I always struggle re-reading that arc.
FoxReader51661 year ago
He handsome
leafy1 year ago
hope it is just some admiration...if she fell in love with Xiao Xiao...this is gonna be another Jun Wu Xie... *sigh*
Rinneshi1 year ago
Sigh ..jun Wu Xie got more girl ?
Alter Ego1 year ago
Tch. Still pisses me off on what happened on that novel. They torture good side characters to give the MC some character development only to be left hanging as the MC goes her way. Going on with the story like nothing happened. Damn. I like yuri but damn. To resolve a girl's love by losing her dignity, that was a dick move. Even if she was a love rival, that was completely unnecessary and brutal. She's a best girl too. Shame, it has a pretty good setting too but the character development is way too forced. Thankfully this novel is pretty fair when it comes to face-slapping. It's not short ended and always leaves you satisfied. Read more
YueXie9 months ago
Didn't this come out first?
YueXie9 months ago
@alter ego maybe the author go through such a experience or had someone who they knew went through that. But ended badly, so they wanted to give hope to those who have gone through such a trauma?
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