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Minichan7 months ago
I am starting to think that "forehead" doesn't mean actual forehead but a person's aura or countenance. Like how your parents and you don't look alike but sort of alike because of how you carry yourselves are similar. That would make more sense than the actual forehead being similar.
YueXie7 months ago
So just look at ones forehead to see if they are related? What kind of idiot says all Asians look the same? White people also all look the same. Anyway just look at ones forehead to tell the difference between people. Everything else is not needed 😆😆😆
Hope58361 year ago
A "vile person"? You mean more like a "cunning" person! Humph!
Starfate1 year ago
i foresee that the Gu family set up the whole affair
Oash191 year ago
Mhn. Or why else would he be so surprised when they came in through the city gates in one piece
FoxReader51661 year ago
You a tell by forehead
Samnayel1 year ago
How is "a vile person" synonymous to "a woman"? The misogyny jumped out
Darkprince92481 year ago
Don't be like that
leafy1 year ago is so random
n8081 year ago
Well yeah its an old saying and in the past people were mysogynistic. However I think certain tradional sayings could be interpreted differently. I think the root reference was talking about how women are more calculating then men which can be both advantagous because they use their heads but could be thought to be negative because scheming. Men are a little more straight forward and solve differences with their fists yet it sounds kinda silly because it is kinda brutish. originaly it took a normal characteristic of women in the past yet demonized them for it. Do people today not beleive girls cause alot more drama? Yes. Do I still get annoyed by guys resorting to fists too often? Yes. I dont beleive it is such a big deal.
n8081 year ago
I also think it might have started as a joke.
n8081 year ago
"Boys will be boys" has a negative connotation. Is it any different? Also, you know how we have demoized the name; "Karen" well like it's simmilar. we aren't saying Every person named karen is evil or anoying etc. Yet we've taken a stereotype and applied it to the name to represent a type of person. Although you are right there is a hint of mysogyny I also don't beleive it's that deep or meant to be taken in that way. keep in mind that it is a translation and certain connotions are lost trhough translation because of cultural and language differences.
CristinaC11 months ago
Oh, yes, women were considered vile for their fights in a man's harem. You know, how they'd go and poison each other, kill their babies and any other actions they took. But I personally don't think women are any more vile than men. They HAD TO fight in the harem. Their lives depended on the man's attraction to them. If the man liked them, they had a good time. They got enough food, enough clothes and 5hey even had a man to sleep with and pretend to be a happy family. As soon as the man lost interest, they'd become completely forgotten, then even the servants dared to bully them and steal their allowance and so on. So you tell me - how could they not fight in any shape or form when their lives and well-being depended on one man? One man who had so many other women that he could easily go from flower to flower like a bee. Have you ever seen a bee take care of the flowers they visited? Or the seeds they spread and sprouted? Read more
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