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YueXie7 months ago
She is also lacking in her growth, like her height and ches-BAAM SYX: 💥💥💢💢💢💢💢
Silver Daisy6 months ago
You know that makes me wonder why the dead twin never brought that up... really why hasn’t anyone brought that up since the awakening of the VB???
XxxVxxX6 months ago
Ahh my friend, you never learn. *eating popcorn 🍿*
Stressed by a Mountain of Books11 months ago
Hihihi next is the treasury! Hihihi!
Foxyfet11 months ago
Hope58361 year ago
I like her style :)
UN-known1 year ago
Well, their stay was supposed to be “sponsored” by twilight city. Let them do it properly?
Oash191 year ago
[SAVAGE 100]
Oash191 year ago
[SAVAGE 100]
Winter1 year ago
Those Twilight City guys really shot themselves in the foot with their poor treatment, since now they'll be paying for all that luxury haha
FoxReader51661 year ago
This.... money.... such bravery such might such wealth I bow
MoniqGin1 year ago
Spendthrift, I approve lol
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