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Pixy3 months ago
Did no one in the Barren Lands remember how The Rising Sun City had that hugely lucrative auction? I mean, they got 5 million for that milkstone, and several million from the potions and other items. Plus they had the 100 year weapon that they offered, which would spread the notoriety of the financial situation as well.
YueXie7 months ago
She wore a dress?!
Natalia8 months ago
SYX in action
Natalia8 months ago
Dragon10 months ago
Okay let’s be honest how the hell does nobody no she is a dual cultivator like literally she goes around getting caught like the blizzard city people like come on Even her enemy’s should no by now
Dragon10 months ago
I meant the blizzard city incident both the daughter and son respectively the city head and second in command, know she uses a bow and I’m pretty sure the kids told invade description wat happened their like 🤔huh even when her identity was exposed everyone was just shocked the rode wit her then wat the Implications were like is everyone dumb I get not paying attention at the moment but after not even “a ur a genius not seen in like 100 years damn” and I made in a account to say this but fuk these pages are to short like no cap put two together and make a big page but I know why it’s just annoying but I really enjoy the book
Wolftome11 months ago
The soup does not look appetizing in that photo
Phantom394611 months ago
Really? Looks great to me
Gavrielle11 months ago
Looks delicious 🤤
Rin—1 year ago
Yay! Godly Thief ??
きる1 year ago
Oash191 year ago
Return of the Theif Part1 Hue hue hue~
oh yikes1 year ago
omfg nooo??
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