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Akirei1 year ago
Pathetic! When the troubles arrive to his territory, he will kneel to get help.
Chingaez2 years ago
Sounds like Emperia has a VERY terrible character judgement. How the heck does Lujad fall to Phyllis merchant's lies THAT easily? I know for a fact that he loathes Hiroto and the vampires due to jealousy but he can't be THAT stupid. No wonder Inferia and even Cain ridiculed the guy because he is just too arrogant for his own good. Is there any wonder why Valkyria is angry after read Hagar's letter? At least Hiroto shows his spine by tearing the letter. Speaking of whom, it seems the spies are doing a great job in acting by disguising themslves as Salabiran and tells the stories about Hiroto "legend" exaggeratedly, meaning that Abrahim's plan to create the rift between Hiroto and Emperia is only Step 1.
Gomora992 years ago
Yeah!!!!! those ungrateful bastard who the boss here.their very pride is going to be their destruction.yes!!!!!!
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