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Akirei1 year ago
YEAH! It took him so long to kiss the heroines. But I am glad that he finally did. Now, it's time for the two most important things: first, Hiroto needs to make his resolution to stay and find a way to do it. Second, and no less important, the wedding! He needs a big wedding, heroines on wedding dresses are a must.
Chingaez2 years ago
Very lovely to see Hiroto kisses Valkyria. Twice. And it got the other ladies jealous (no, not Emperia type of jealousy). That being said, it seems Inferia isn't as stoic as she now especially after seeing Hiroto is so disatisfied by Rujad's ridiculous offer that he outright refuse to help fellow governor to fend off the invading Phyllis Army. What she said to Hiroto is outright ignorant because she doesn't seems to know that Rujud was the one who disrespected the vampires in the first place, and yet shehad the audacity to call Hiroto out for nothelping Rujud. Why must Hiroto help the fool who is easily fooled by the enemy kingdom? Read more
Gomora992 years ago
For real man.why would he help the bastard who actually disdain the vampires?just let them die with their ignorant will be a lot better for all of us.
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