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Chingaez2 years ago
Apparently, it takes an elf's threat to make Rujad to apologize to Hiroto, huh? What a sore loser Lujad really is. And Inferia's remark about how "dangerous" Hiroto was after hearing the vampires' victory over the Phyllis Army REALLY shows how narrow-minded Hiroto's haters really are. Rujad nearly putting Hybribe in danger by conspiring with Phyllis to attack Salabria due to his hatred for Hiroto and somehow Hiroto is an enemy?! Absurd can't even describe this situation. No wonder why Abrahim manipulating these guys to do Phyllis bidding. Considering the Phyllian spies are doing their job NOW to spread false rumors about Hiroto at Emepria, it looks like Hiroto is sandwichedby both Phyllis AND his haters...
Gomora992 years ago
Well we can only hope that this haters will realise their mistake.if not,well let's just say they are sore loser and idiot.
FoxReader106382 years ago
my dude , i really like your comment so far. i really want read more so sad that further read is behind pay wall, but i really thank foxteller do the TL
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