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Chingaez2 years ago
Short yet detailed chapter about the aftermath of Hiroto's another W against Phyllis Army. In spite of this harmonious scenes, however, it is clear that this party only fueling anti-Hiroto people's scorn for him: Both Zoch and Rujad are clearly letting their envy consumed them, with the Glinka Lord is the next to be swayed by Phyllis merchant's deceit whereas the Hagar Governor himself loathes Hiroto so much that he seems forgets that his own humilliation was his own fault to begin with. Inferia isn't the wiser either due to her own hostility against Hiroto especialy after witnessing Hthe MC's effectiveness in his task, which further adding her belittlement against the MC to the point probably doing things against her lord's original orders; addictionally, given what were the Phyllian spies are doing at Emperia right now, it seems that Inferia is about to do will ONLY make her, Zoch, Rujad, and eapecially Moldias and the rest of the Privy Council (with the exception of Sobrinus and ironically Panopticus) look like incompetent idiots who are doing Abrahim's favor right now. Either way, all three of them are fools for not knowing that they are just pawns to Phyllis's scheme in it's assasination attempt onto Hiroto, and this is only a beginning of Emepria's lack of self awareness. If anything bad befall onto Hiroto, these 3 will be hold accountable for their folly. Read more
Chingaez2 years ago
Also, here is a joke: Since Rujad like Phyllis especially the women, how is he not gong to Phyllis and becoming the citizen over there?
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