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Akirei1 year ago
Author-sama has great imagination. I wonder if he would sell the stories Souichirou reads to Curele as side stories, I really want to know if the mice died or not.
Chingaez1 year ago
Well, this is a relaxing chapter about calm before the storm now, is it? Soichiro need to tell Curele that the pumpkin carriage is a thing and, oh boy, it seems Sorceire and Mimia is meassuring their respective oppai now. Also, good for Hagar to finally be done with Rujad and replace him with some elf as the new governor of Hagar. However, it seems Phyllis merchant just noticed that Abrahim's plot to create a rift between Gezerkia clan and Hybride that weaken Hiroto's influence has failed and send letters to whoever at Phyllis now, mostly Metis because of Jurgutha being near to Salabria...
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