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Chingaez4 weeks ago
Talk about holding a gudge to a dangerous level on Phyllis's part. What merits do Phyllis have to blame Hiroto and the vampires for their woes when they brought that to themselves? Not to mention that even Gardel, the brawn of Eash's two top generals, finds that attacking an elf from another country jusy to avenge the fallen Phyllis soldiers is a TERRIBLE idea, given that the elf population in Phyllis.
Chingaez4 weeks ago
Also, that's rich coming from both Eash and especially Abrahim for belittle Hiroto when they were the ones who aimed for his head from the last book after Phyllis Army's first defeat. Plus, didn't Abrahim even manipulated Univestel's scorn for Hiroto in order to fulfill his assassination attempt onto Hiroto?
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