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rielly3 months ago
Univest-ass and Finas-s both really need to be removed from their posts. Their actions only bring detriment to Hybride.
Chingaez2 years ago
Apparently, Phyllis is doing a damage control by executing the very guards who slaughtered Hortius and his elfs buddies. So much for the short-lived celebration... Anyways, it seems Abrahim scoff at Hiroto for sending coffins to Phyllis by claiming that the guy has lost his own advatage in future negotiation. Not to mention Univestel still belittle Hiroto even after what Rujad did that led to our MC's near assassination. Univestel, if even Gerzerkia began to mellow after interacting with Hiroto, what makes his negotiation with Phyllis to be "doubtful"? And Abrahim, you also need to realized that neither Gardel nor Metis shared the same "tactics" as he did... Read more
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