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Chingaez1 year ago
This chapter is about the buildup of both Hybride and Phyllis before the negotiation for showing both sides' perceptions: While Univestel and Panopticus arrive at Salabria for the first time, the former trying to tell our MC about the "leaving the stuff to the pros, boy" shtick only to be reminded by Hiroto that Eash and his subject did the wrong thing that led to this predictament. Panopticus is as guilty for adding a firewood into an inferno by suggesting that a vampire into the negotiation (Here am I wondering if Hortius's death would be averted had he brought the vampires with him). Not to mention about Abrahim's willingness to ensure Phyllis's advantages in the negotiation can AND will putting Univestel and even Panopticus in the corner if they don't think sharp enough. Speaking of Abrahim, it sounds to me that the sly Prime Minister REALLY desperately want to defeat Hybride by ANY means necessary despite the horrid condition of Jurgatha itself-something even Gardel took noticed and claims that this is REALLY not the best time for Phyllis to attack Hybride right now. Heck, Metis just proves that Hiroto is a man of his word by showing both Gardel and Abrahim the last coffin, meaning that Hortius was telling the truth all along, and Gardel is actually talking sense by claiming that apology and gratitude are the few things Phyllis can do to avoid trouble-something Abrahim brushes off because the reputation of the nation on the line, it seems. Read more Read more Both Univestel AND Abrahim will going to learn Hiroto's prowess the hard way... Show less
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