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Chingaez1 year ago
This chapter show much about North Phyllis's backstory and, man. You REALLY can't blame Eash for trying to unify the kingdom. Why? Well, if Univestel's flashback is anything to go by by, it sounds to me that North Phyllis was a corrupt kingdom and it treated the elves over there like some second-classed citizen over there. To me, if the corruption of North Phyllis is real, then Eash is doing a good job to snuff out it's existance. And boy oh boy, to see how delusional both Joachim and Felkina really are make any sane people sick, and Raquel has every right to berate them both since she's the one have the final word about it. Hey, Felkina can accuse Hiroto all she want, but her "bravery" due to short-sighted goal is more dangerous than her own father's. Do these 2 REALLY think that their shortsighted goals of revive a fallen kingdom will benefit to their own people given the former king's tyranny?! Read more
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