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Chingaez2 weeks ago
Words can't describe how delusional both Joachim and Felkina really are, even Univestel is disgusted by the young prince's obsession to revive the kingdom. And we have to be very honest here, whose assassination attempt onto Eash that cause nothing for trouble for Hybride? And these guys complained about Hybride not helping them? If Moldias wanted to be cruel, then he would have sent Joachim back to Phyllis and leave him at the mercy at the Phyllis's hand. Also, since Joachim keep proclaiming himself as the king, then what about Jugurtha? He sure talk big about "revive" the fallen kingdom but ignoring his people's suffering over there while he sit at Delkina's villa all day! Talk about hypocrisy at it's peak... Read more
Chingaez2 weeks ago
And Felkina is guilty for being a toxic follower to Joachim by gaslighting Joachim by accusing Hiroto and others "disrespected" despite Joachim himself is . For the noblewomen who accused Hiroto being "ignorant", she doesn't se to know that the vampires aren't going to cooperate with anyone in Hybride if it weren't for Hiroto and Soichiro. Given how Phyllis Army being decimated by Curele, they should better keep her good sides if they don't want her to destrory everyone.
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