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Chingaez1 year ago
It sounds like 3 things in this chapter. 1. The Hybridian prince has no interest with his former classmate as the king. 2. Eash learns about Urceus and Zalia via Abrahim but his prime minister says that not even them can best Hiroto when both confronting them. And Eash is wise enough to tell his prime minister to not do anything stupid, given the last battles that actually traumatized him. Read more 3. We see the interaction between Cognitas and Dialogs, the two who gaslighted Urceus into antagonizing the vampires in the first place, seems more favorable for the new king and even endorse their action and their mindset similar to pre-character developing Univestel ( seemly explains the Grand Elder own antagonism against the vampires in the first place.). Show less
Chingaez1 year ago
Also, there is something a bit off about the conversation between Cognitas and Dialogs here. What do they mean about hoping Urceus not going becoming like his father? Does that mean Regulus endorsing Magia's war now? And how the heck do these elves never ask Univestel or even Luctitius about anything? For these two being the top figures within Regulus, have none of them even realize that whatever they are doing will also going to be very hurtful?
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