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Chingaez1 year ago
Also, there's something interesting about Sobrinus's defense of Hiroto that actually make sense: What did the nobles ever do for Hybride even before Hiroto's arrival into the new world anyways? Most of them do nothing throughout the series until Hiroto eventually did something that made him a major contributor to Hybride than all the nobles combined. Would they REALLY willing to undermine the very they are staying just to remove one outsider who had more common sense than the supposed intellectuals in the kingdom? Who had been corrupted by the very power they seized no less?
Chingaez1 year ago
You can already tell that these 3 membera of Privy Council are extremely concerned about Hybride being sandwiched by not only the foreign neighboring nations who strongly antagonizing Hiroto, but also domestic one too because the nobles are still salty about unable to get rid of Hiroto. Unfortunately, neither of the three realize that Belphegor has already made his move. What would Hiroto gonna do?
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