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Chingaez8 months ago
This chapter showscase how, what's the word? Oh yes, narrowminded the Privy Council's three members really are, especially Slyferis who acts ike she has a moral high ground by "lecturing" Hiroto like a newcomer or something just because he accidentally looking at her bust. If only she learned what happened at Salabria that led to this "lecherous" man rise as the Margrave to begin with...
Chingaez7 months ago
Also, about the Spirit's curse? What is Slyferis even talking about? So far, Hiroto did nothing that angered the spirits in the story. What about the nobles who ruled their own turf with their iron fist and caused trouble to their own people? Not to mention some of them are outright racist against the Other Species too? Form Ulkan to Rujad to Bourgault? Even Magian soldiers who viciously beaten Luluk so bad that he was nearly died?
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