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Chingaez7 months ago
And then you have Slyferis herself whose dissapointment to see Hiroto joining Privy Council really showcasing her naivete and hypocrisy. Yes, really. The hypocrisy part is that she thinks Hiroto as a "coward" for "manipulating" Moldias in order to get into the Privy Council and expect that Spirit will curse him for it...while not knowing that there are more sinister people like Belphegor do more damage to the kingdom than our MC himself. It almost sounds to me that even the elves are not immune to the human's mistake, just like Univestel or Cognitas. Also, correct me if I was wrong, weren't those who got the curse are the one that did something actually terrible to someone?
Chingaez7 months ago
The reaction about Hiroto joining the Privy Council is expected to be mixed because while both Moldias and Leonidas are delighted to have their trusted friend to finally joining the big club, Hydran seemly the only person who feel bitter by such result because his ambition in becoming the king is thwarted. Sure.... Why the nobles like Hydran persists on thinking that only Hybrdians can rule Hybride when Hiroto did more than themselves? Both Hiroto and Soichiro won't even be in Hybride had the people within the kingdom did something right for once. I suspected that nobles' corruption had something to do with it...
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