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Chingaez10 months ago
It looks like this chapter really show folks like Hydran, Finas and Slyferis's desperation to stop both Leonidas and Hiroto from entering into the Privy Council only but ends up in futile because the onlt person who make the final decision is Moldias. With Leonidas's return, it seems Hiroto's entry into the Privy Council has finally comIng true, but not everyone is very eager to welcome him due to their own reason. How will Hiroto gonna do with his new position?
Chingaez10 months ago
First, Hydran the Duke himself whose hostility against Hiroto is so toxic that he tries to prevent our MC to even talk because he viewed him as an obstacle to his ambition. Hus confusion about how did Hiroto able to persuade Moldias to reinstating Leonidas further only enforcing the Duke's desperation to stop Hiroto from getting more honors only to be dismayed when Moldias makes his decision clear. Considering a fact that his spies haven't come back from Salabria...
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