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Chingaez7 months ago
Talk about copium from one of the most saltiest sore loser in the series. This chapter shows Hiroto's concern about the nobles' jerkish attitude after the vassalage ceremony and it seems to me that Hydran's attitude proves how right Hiroto was about both Hydran and his guy Belphegor were. I mean, look at how Hydran react to Hiroto's warning from the last third paragraph. Tell he didn't just say that.
Chingaez7 months ago
Especialy this "Don't underestimate me " line from Hydran to Hiroto. Sorry but who underestimated who exactly? From what I read from both Volume 16-17, it was Hydran who belittled Hiroto instead of the other way around because he was the one who belittled out MC's Reverse UNO Card ability here. Even with his scheme that supposedly made the elves turn on him.
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