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Chingaez5 months ago
Thus chapter really shows how much of a sore losers the nobles really are, specifically both Belphegor and especially Hydran who is more eager to overthrow Leonidas despite they both were outfoxxed by Hiroto and the elves made Leonidas's position official. Doesn't that sounds like a coup?
Chingaez5 months ago
Also, seems to me that only Rasmus seems to have some littttle bit of hesitation but that doesn't stop him from stopping the two from their schemes to crush Hiroto again. If he REALLY a friend of the Marquis, given a fact that he too was the victim to Hiroto's Reverse UNO Card effect, he should stop him from doing anything.
Chingaez5 months ago
Plus, really Belphegor? The last time you tried to collude with Magia into stopping Hiroto has failed because of his resourcefullness despite the odds, and you wanna use this card again? Also, ypu yourself being humbled by our MC's eloquence from the last book and now you want some more? If Rasmus is worried about you getting the worst consequence....
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