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Chingaez4 months ago
So, this chapter starts with the following aftermath of this meeting. Hiroto is safe for now but people like Finas will go relentless to get both our MC and the vampires punished for what they "did" to Hydran's house, of which was a result of his own undoing.Can Hiroto keep his job as the Margrave despite this? And Sylferis's remark about a legends about what happened 100 years is an interesting remarl
Chingaez4 months ago
Sorry that I left an unfinished sentence about Sylferis's remark because my messed up. Anyways, Sylferis's remark is interesting because this proves that this is NOT the first time Emperia got cursed and it happened at least 100 years ago. The problem is that people like Finas hated Hiroto so much that they even bother to care anything, even the curse. Karma will most definitely come after the nobles instead of Hiroto in the worst way as possible. Where is Sobrinus when you need him? Read more
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