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Chingaez4 months ago
Belphegor is even a bigger loser in this chapter too. Why? Apparently, he used the Villa Incident as his chance to crush Hiroto and the vampires for real despite even Rasmus tells him that this is a very bad idea. What does he do? Like Hydran, of course he's gonna ignore that advise too because he just cannot let the yongster to win despite his first three schemes have failed, and the fourth one would be the gamble of his life here. Then again, considering how both Magia and Regulus fell to that deceit so easily, that douche of the Marquis actually believes that fourth time is a charm...all the while ignoring the nobles were at their fault too for their own mishaps.
Chingaez4 months ago
Hydran is shown to be a sore loser for hating both Hiroto and the vampires even more for what is now left of his villa. Mind you that he ignored warnings from Hiroto and even Sylferis and Monica about what he did to Sōichirō while defending Rubia has severe consequences and look what's left of that villa? You got what you deserved, Duke and judging by his own monologue, it seems that his feud with our MC is only worsen...
Chingaez4 months ago
Wow, this chapter really making the great nobles in Hybride the sorest losers in the series, don't they? Hydran's villa would still intact had he heeded Hiroto's warning few chapters ago and do as he said but nope, he did f around by not doing that and found out the hard way. As for Belphegor? It seems to me that he seizes that incident as an opportunity to get rid of Hiroto by having him executed despite his own bestie Rasmus tells him that it is a TERRIBLE IDEA. Seriously, how can the great nobles despise Hiroto when they are the ones who screwing Hybride before he was summoned into this world?
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