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Chingaez4 months ago
If this chapter doesn't tell us about how much of a sore losers these nobles are, then I don't know what will, and Hiroto's ordeal is far from finished when he is far out from trouble yet, all the while going to Lusinia to see what going on over there. Also, judging by the reasons of the nobles over Hydran's destroyed villa, it sounds to me that they never learn a thing...
Chingaez4 months ago
First of all, Margos shouldn't hate Hiroto more than he already has because his own baby girl did something horrible that could give more trouble for both his own prestigious family and the nation, and it seems to me that the only reason why he had to compensate to Mimia for what Rubia is mostly because he didn't wanted to be cursed by the spirits. Funny because people like Margos still acting jerkish towards Hiroto despite their supertitions about the spirits's curse. How about teach your child or yoursf not to be racist towards other those who are not human, Margos?!
Chingaez4 months ago
And speaking of whom, looks at other nobles who are angry at both Hiroto and the vampires? These four jerkasses, Collard and the other three nobles, have no right to be angry at our MC and the vampire when they themselves were the ones did the horrible thing first. Especially on Collard part, does he hated Hiroto so much that he seemed to forget what he family did in Book 11 and 12? With his brother violated Cecelia while his father tried to kill his enemy when Supreme Court deemed him innocent? Not to mention that the entire family are racist to the mummies? And how about the lords of Noblesia's neighboring provinces? They too are as guilty as Collard's father for the same prejudice nd discrimination against the mummies as well by making them neither enter nor leave their territories just to "own" Hiroto...even though the mummies were responsible for their provinces' prosperity. Have they not forgotten about that? Read more
Chingaez4 months ago
As for Lemaire, oh this guy is a hypocrite and his double standard is at his worst since Volume 12 and 13. Rules only for Hiroto but NEVER for Hybridian nobles, eh? He says so haughtly about Hiroto being the "root of evil" despite easily swayed by Hydran's own lies? Can these nobles like Lemaire and others can tell me why would Hiroto and Sōichirō are summoned into the world of Hybride in the first place? Seems to me that according to the great nobles' logic, anything Hiroto do is a big no mo but they themselves can do whatever they want no matter how many subjects beneath them had to suffer? In Volume 12 , for example, has he easily forgotten that Hiroto did warned him that do anything stupid will invoke the vampire warth for blood? Or how about in Volume 15 alone, Magia learned the vampire's intolerance towards those who hurt the vampire the hard way when Bahram was under attack? And don't get me started that Felkina , a fellow noble who once hated Hiroto like the rest of these snoobish idiots due to her own reason but she got better when Hiroto managed to swayed Moldias to forgive her after the Battle of Lucinia, also berated that "swordman" for jeapordizing Hybride just to screw Hiroto and the vampires. Sounds to me that the evil is actually the nobles than Hiroto here. Read more
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