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Chingaez4 months ago
Also, another thing, for these noble who want both Hiroto and the vampires to justice while refuse to perform vassalage to Leonida, you DO realize that you were the cause of your own misery, right? Not to mention that said ":commoners" from another world did more for Hybride than ALL of them combined and many of those how have an ugly history of abusing those beneath them (looking at you Collard). And congratulations, nobles, because of what you main guy Hydran did, Zeldis just declared to cut ties with ALL of you and you're on your own now...
Chingaez4 months ago
Especially that Orzell Lord named Gyul...I know you. You were one of nobles who imposed one law that preventing the mummies from leaving Orzell right after the death of Pollard back in Volume 12! Remembered you got berated by an elf for your folly? Not yo mention you're also acting extremely racist against the mummy as well! Looks like Rubia learned from you and it seems Margos was also at fault for not teaching his girl to learn respect here. How do these nobles to be taken seriously?!
Chingaez4 months ago
This chapter not only display how arrogant these nobles really are and their desperation to crush Hiroto and the vampire to the point disregading even Rasmus, we also get to see what really happened at Lucinia that led to the feud between Hybride and Magia through Rozan telling his story to Hiroto-something both Leonidas and especially Lizvan and Ordicus missed when the latter two have jumped into conclusion just because they both had issues with Leonidas personally.
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