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Chingaez4 months ago
Not only Magia, Regulus is a bigger idiot for actually trying to crush Leonidas. The only thing makes Ordicus look shrewd is how he views Hiroto and his plan of visiting the a surviving Magian folks. Other than that, the one big hole about this guy is that he goes along with both Lizvan AND Hydran without even realized that they have been deceived. By a petty noble who had a grudge with his nemesis despite he was the cause of all his recent mishaps... Regulus's reputation may gonna be stink for a VERY long time if Ordicus isn't careful here..
Chingaez4 months ago
Magia is especially looked stupid here because not only Lizvan is seen so smug about crushing Hybride's compensation issue but...really Nestoria? She hated Hiroto for what Urceus been through despite his own undoing has resulted his own situation here. Keep in mind that Magia started this fight with Hiroto since Volume 13 and are we even sure if they even know what really happened 50 years ago? At least Hiroto tries to understand what happened over there but what about Magia itself?
Chingaez4 months ago
Looks like the five envoys are preparing for their trip to Hybride with their own agendas: Lokroi of Agnica seemly have a bit tense of rivalry with Lyndrus, whereas Gassel is not planning on losing to it's rival neighbor too, Metis seems looked comfortable about teasing Hiroto when she heard that Raquel and Felkina becomes Privy Council and, yes, Magia and Regulus are still find ways to reject the compensation clause....despite don't even know what caused Hybride issued a compensation clause in the first place. Wonder how do both Leonidas and Hiroto response when thet meet the envoys.
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