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Chingaez4 months ago
This chapter shows the prespective from both Leonidas and Urceus respectively and neither of them are backing down from their stance regarding the compensation issue...and Hiroto STILL haven't find any solution to the compensation issue even after having interview with both Limpert the 3rd and Rozan. Meanwhile, Hydran is seen smirking as if the resolution from the noble council will somehow bring Hiroto down, seemly implying that he didn't learn a thing after the the events of Volume 17 and especially Volume 18. How will the day
Chingaez4 months ago
I'm sorry for stopping the word because what I really meant is how would the day of the envoy visit when the compensation issue will bring up. I mean, for both Leonidas and Urceus who keep their stance about the compensation issue, it seems to me that none of them even know what really happened at Lucinia 50 years ago that led to this feud to begin with, and Hiroto's latest discovery by interviewing both Limpert the 3rd and Rozan force him to go Plan B and all those possible plans are scrapped. Then again, we are reminded that both Magia and Regulus were manipulated by Hydran and yet both side were so fixated on crushing the compensation issue that none of them were the wiser. Read more Read more What will happen next? Show less
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