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Eidorian_20014 months ago
Alv, sigue activa la loca
Chingaez5 months ago
Not to say much in this chapter but it seems Asu has fallen like Shura because of the defenders' futile against Gezerkia because, well the castle lord of Asu did the same mistake like his fellow castle lord from Shura for mocking Gezerkia. As for Gundogan who prays the success of his Subjugation Army to defeat Gezerkia, lets just say that the result is going to be...predictable. Ya know, for him refuse to accept Hiroto's help despite our MC's experience in dealing with the vampires? Anyways, the main focus of the chapter is the Privy Council of Emperia. It seems to me that Panopticus and Sobrinus are each other throats due to their different methods to deal with Gezerkia: Panopticus want to extend the Imperia Army's influence across Salabria and of course Sobrinus is against it because it is really not a good idea. Unfortunately, it seems out of all the 5 members of the Privy Council, only Sobrinus says the most sanest thing because the Secretary General and the Financial Minister are on Panoticus's side whilst the Lord Chancellor remains neutral. The Elder Elf may says that suggests on sending the ambassador first before the imperial army, lets say that his own take onto the vampires aren't exactly nice, to say the least. Even more unfortunate is we have a king who seems letting his unease to make some of his worst decision. Why, yo may ask? It is because he is so skeptical towards Hiroto for merely a newcomer and he'd rather other people than him to deal with the vampires. Why do I have a feeling that the king is to be blamed for Hybride's woes? I mean, the guy is not incompetent because he is willing to listen to his subjects' suggestion, but he doesn't seems keen in choosing the right person for the right job. Read more
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