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Eidorian_20012 years ago
Los violadores siempre serĂ¡n la mayor escoria de la vida
Chingaez2 years ago
Glad to see that Hiroto is having his fun with the ladies during bath, as always. Hiroto is sure the most happiest person in the series, ain't it? Anyways, this chapter's main focus is the aftermath of Gezerkia's takeover of Asu and, yes, her backstory is revealed and it is the destruction of her home e clans near demise, which explains her animosity against humans. Yes, really. In fact, her hatred for the humans is so bad that she scoff at Zeldis for even doing business with one and even befriending one. I guess this is what happens when the Development Order gone too far, amirite? Still, for all her rants about humans whilst belittles the vampires who befriends with one, Gezerkia is a hypocrite. A moral myopic one too. How? Well, to put into perspective: Her clan is almost driven into exticiton as the rsult of the Development Order that destroyed her home by the humans, correct? Now, her clan is ironically doing the same to the humans by occupying towns and using their backstory. Sure, there are some humans like Zoch and Gundogan or maybe Emperia ministers who act extremely jerkish for self-gain, but the Red-Winged Vampires themselves aren't even the saint in what do either. I mean, look at the result of their takeover of Shura. The destructive scenary of the city itslef is already telling how unproductive the Red-Winged Vamires actually are. Mismanaging the captured city is one thing, but their laziness that drained the town's resources and supplies will only exacebate their glutton and greed to takeover more towns for their own ends. Read more Read more And speaking of her subordinates and underlings, oh boy, they are not even helping their case. Unlike Baldos, not a single one of them are capable enough to tell their leader that what she did is wrong. Some like her aides actually encouraging her to invade more castles once the supplies are depleting, while the others just taking advantages on the chaos and do whatever they pleased without facing consequences (Granted, Gezerkia did made her rule to make sure that there are no insubordination, but the said rule isn't entirely enforced all the time, make her one of the least responsible leaders). Can't you really blamed that one women who called her a murderer even after she saved her from the rapist. After all, she already had the Asu's men killed and drained with blood. Oh, I almost forgot. Remember 2 chapters ago where Gezerkia made an iron rule that no women and children shall be harmed? Say whatever you will about the 2 vampires who got their deserts for almost...well, doing something harm to a female vicitm, but Gezerkia herself isn't exactly blameless for what the 2 vampires are doing because her own orders of having the men killed the EXACTLY the reason why the female victim is targeted in the place. That is why Gerzerkia is a hypocrite because her own hatred for the humans only embolden their kind to hurt more innocent people, which make the clan not that different than the supposed enemy here. Sounds like only Hiroto can do something to stop Gezerkia from doing more damage, it seems. Otherwise, Emepria may be the one to give Gezerkia and her clan a harsh reality check because, had it not for Sobrinus's opposition as well as the Elf Elder's strategy, the Imperial Army has no problem in quashing the the enemy. Show less
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