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Akirei1 year ago
I don't know why, but I expected a defeat which was not as pathetic as this. Well, it's time for Hiroto to clean up their mess.
Eidorian_20012 years ago
Todo valio vrga
Chingaez2 years ago
Makes you think that the Olsina Subjugation Army's defeat could've avoided had Gundogan swallowed his pride and sought Hiroto's aid earlier, doesn't it? Anyways, once again, this chapter is about both humans and vampires pointing at each other about who are the real "monsters" but unfortunately, in this case, no matter how sympathetic Gezerkia and her clan really due to their tragic past, THEY are the villains here. Say whatever you want about the humans who are responsible to the Red-Wing Vampires' hostility due to th Development Order, at the very least the don't go outright trying to rape a female victim like what the 2 vampires did that Gezerkia forced to kill from the last chapter. The hypocrisy of the Red-Winged Vampires just keep showing because for all their talk about "humans are evil" shtick for took away their lands and trying tor retake them, while they themselves have no problem actually plundering and looting people's properties and somehow they had a problem with humans fighting back to retake the towns (I mean, Gungando is also at fault for not cousulting Hiroto despite the latter knows the vampires here). So, the irony here is that Gezerkia and the Red-Winged Vampires are the theives than the humans they loathed and beittled so much. Something tells that the Red-Winged Vampires' win streak will not going to last long.
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