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Eidorian_20012 years ago
Como envidio al prota, pero donde quedó Mimia?
Chingaez2 years ago
So, the chapter dedicates Hiroto using his brilliant yet unorthodox plan to defeat Gezerkia without even moving an army, and he has the most common sense too because, let ask ourself a question: Is enough even a word for the Red-Winged Vampires especially after robbing towns from the humans with ease? And yet, Quintilis has the audacity to call Hiroto to stand by until Emperia give its orders which, dare I say, it's already too late by the time Gezerkia and her vampires taking over all towns in Salabria and Olsina as her own. Speaking o whom, more of Red-Winged Vampires' hypocrisy for desire to take more castles despite they got at least 4 more castles as their own, which would have support the whole clan if it not for their mismanagement of Shura. Come to think it, what Gezerkia and the Red-Wingd Vampires are doing now is no longer about avenging their home anymore because they all succumbed to their glutton and greed for almost everything. For all their Frediuan Excuse about their backstory that caused them to do what they are doing, how are the Red-Winged Vampires be any more different than humans?! One of these chapters, the Red-Winged Vampires' streak is about to be finished.
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