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Eidorian_20012 years ago
Yo quería que mate a ese hdp
Akirei1 year ago
¡Bien dicho!
Chingaez2 years ago
This chapter really displays Gezekria's hypocrisy and moral myopia. Zeldis is right to call her out for being a violent fool for resorting killing people to get whatever the Red-Winged Vampires wanted, if their mismanagement of Shura and atrocious acts on Az is anything goes by; moreover, it was HER idea to make Valkyria HOSTAGE in the first place without knowing that her underling may have some twisted...ideas for her. She keep claiming that humans are "monsters" for destroying the forests and almost leave the vampires to near starvation, but whatever they did to the towns in Olsina really doesn't make them more different than the humans now, especially when they actually indulging the wines in the town. Ya know, the same creation human created? Talk about the irony. Remember that one time Gezerkia made a statement about no killing women and children after taking over the towns? Only for her forced to kill the 2 vampires who broke the rules after a) killed a female victim at Shura and b) almost trying to rape a womena back at Azu? It sounds to me that, once again, Gezekria is not blameless for her own men's atrocitious act here because of her shotr-term yet suicidal plan. Emphasis the "suicidal" part because how will Emperia react when the Red-Winged Vampires continue their way.
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