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Rauna2 years ago
Curele strong! Thanks for the chapter.
Eidorian_20012 years ago
En serio, Souchiro está hecho. Tiene a la waifu más fuerte y con un futuro prometedor de un cuerpo de Diosa
Chingaez2 years ago
Well, this chapter is about Gezerkia and the Red-Vampires taste their first defeat because of their arrogance. Maybe, just maybe, had Gezerkia not letting her hatred and greed get the best of her and the Red-Winged Vampires, as well as listened to Valkyria and Zeldis about not belittling Hiroto, this could have been averted. Something tells me that the worst is yet to come for Gezerkia. Also, in regards of Hiroto's brief visit of the Spirit Church that shows how small the Spiritual Light is becoming, this is expected given the Red-Winged Vampires' arrogance for their takeover of the castles by force, meaning whatever the Red-Winged Vampires did now is no different than the very humans they despised. The word irony alone isn't enough to describe Gezerkia's situation now.
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