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Eidorian_20012 years ago
Vaya que la vampira está buenaaa
Chingaez2 years ago
Looks like Hiroto's early preperation from the previous chapters has finally paid off. Anyways, this chapter continues Gezerkia's defeat as she learns Hiroto's tactic the hard way when the Red-Wing Vampires' past strategy (if they even had one because all they do is intimidate and attack) are now rendered useless against Nolte and Secondaria, courtesy to Hiroto's early prepareness due to foresight. In other words, the Red-Winged Vampire's winning streak is broken and that itself gives Gezerkia a severe reality check because anymore of that only put her clan into danger. Judging by the laughter about the letter while some realizing that her opponent is some piece of work, something tells me that Gezerkia will have to meet the guy in person. Right now, I doubt Quntilis or Gundogan will have any complains after witnessing Hiroto's feat that beyond their expectations.
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