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Nakagawa Kanon (likes NTR Manga)1 year ago
Putaragis. Anong nangyari!? Masyadong naging emosyonal. I mean, what the fuck just happened. It suddenly became dramatic. But, i guess his smile at the end have different meaning.
Zhongli5 months ago
I saw your comments in earlier chapters but... Puta ano to? Biglang nag tagalog ang mokong? Hahahaha
Graboid_421 year ago
How is a spear not a tool meant for blocking or parrying... wtf
Baka1 year ago
probably because its a long and thin stick with a short blade on the end. once somebody gets close your done if you dont dodge on time
Yodathethinker1 year ago
Thanks and wow talk about gaining a future waifu
FoxReader67581 year ago
FoxReader46292 years ago
The brothers Coco & Nuts ...
Renayreader2 years ago
Coconuts ???
Kuro Alicia1 year ago
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