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Kuro Alicia1 month ago
Okay okay i love Isekai Harem, but what in the otherworld is this?
Nakagawa Kanon (likes NTR Manga)2 weeks ago
It's isekai so, we really don't know what's going on inside that girl's head.
Yodathethinker4 months ago
Ah yes another funny japanese book of gold lmao he already gained a waifu
FoxReader67587 months ago
Renayreader9 months ago
Well.....he did see her butt ?
FoxReader42111 year ago
Its kinda fucked up. What responsibility? Why did she thought hes going to rape her? He's like, TWELVE and she's around 14-17 if i understood it correctly, and like what the hell
Nooblesse10 months ago
It’s a Japanese cliche line to say.
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