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Eastlesswater3 weeks ago
Sincerity where hath thy life blood gone...... oh it looks like it's dead in this father daughter pair
Leikr8 months ago
There's no need to set up GuJinyu as a green tea because she's already a white lotus. Honestly, why does she keep on pestering Jiao Jiao and involving her with all her reasons to do this and that? She's like those IG people who posts charityics for clout, is she hoping extra brownie points for her blood to turn blue? We have already established that the father is a moron can he really setup anyone to be a green tea, the adopted clingy daughter already is. Lol yeah I'm hostile to the adopted daughter coz I'm a fan of the mc. I like how decisive she is in dealing with this filial piety moral kidnapping bullshit. She also didn't choose to be swapped,be hungry, driven away, uneducated, bullied or whipped at the start of her life. She also doesn't deserve to be that GuJinyu's whiting stone or cannon fodder for that girl to rise up, when all she have were taken from someone, all the opportunities and resources, she have benefited but still refuses to let go and acknowledge that she has already taken enough.
Akime yuko8 months ago
I agree with you. Jinyu is way too far from being innocent like other readers perceive. she’s obviously doing everything she could to make herself look better compared to jiao jiao… she should just mind her own business when jiao jiao obviously doesn’t want play good sisters with her yet she’s here “my sister, my sister” like tf
Yu1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter
kahluadragon1 year ago
So who's this new mystery guy? Also, Gu Jinyu is being set up as green tea b**ch by her horrible "father".
Robi1 year ago
Everyone in the family is rich and a hidden force ahahahaha
JazmineGwapa2 years ago
What a coincidence hahaha Thanks for the chapter ☺️
Sexy rose2 years ago
Yess...our fl is now guqin master!!
Surainie317962 years ago
Waaahhh . More 🥰🥰
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