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Diair2 months ago
So, what, the whole white cat thing was just a ploy from the Crown Princess in an effort to see whether or not Liulang was really Ah Heng or not? The Chen Prince and Ningwangfei were just collateral damage?
Jay Je9 months ago
it turns out that it was a plan made by the crown princess. Btw,Thanks for the chapter.
Tinushka9 months ago
Thank you❤ I can't wait for next chapter 😍
haha9 months ago
Yes! Sure should move on. How can she claim to like him while using his phobia to figure out his identity. 🙄
J Doe9 months ago
Really! I don't think she was the one plotting against him in the palace- I think that was her junk husband- but she's totally telling his dad to use a phobia to prove his identity. Even the dad knows that if he's pretending not to be the "real" Ah Heng, there's no point in trying to prove that he is. None. Crown Princess needs take her junk husband and move along. jk, we need them as foils.
JazmineGwapa9 months ago
Thanks for the chapter ☺️
Nikias9 months ago
New character?
JazmineGwapa9 months ago
Nope it should be fun jiao hahaha
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