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Anghela2 months ago
If it's A heng then he will be scared of cat and all the more that the crown princess need to silence him, if it's not A heng then he wouldn't panic and throw the cat and nothing bad would happen to him
Akime yuko3 months ago
I’m a girl girls but this crown princess deserves it. without jiao jiao dream Liulang life would have been destroyed bc OF HER
Wolf2 months ago
True. If she really cared, she wouldn't do such a trick that would put Liulang in danger. Also, let's not forget the nightmare of Liulang where this woman asked him to die for her! How twisted could this girl be?
Leikr4 months ago
Lol other people in previous comments said the MC is Mary sue, now that she's fighting back like she always do she put of line? CP isn't innocent either she schemed for ML to be harmed, I don't believe it isn't her doing or instigation. I Also think there is someone behind her and all the incident including her saving the little marquis is all a farce. But even if all that ain't true I still don't like her by virtue or her being a white lotus biatch. I still vote for murder. Yeah I'm hostile cause I'm a fan of MC if MC wanna protect her hubby then thru hell or high water Imma support her.
haha1 year ago
She's brave. Normally I wouldn't condone this, but she really needs to be punished for plotting murder.
haha1 year ago
I mean the princess should be punished.
J Doe1 year ago
I think Jiao's out of line here. Kidnapping and assault? I'm not even 100% sure that was the Crown Princess' plot. She's not a good woman and probably fancies Gu Jiao as her rival, but the punishment may not fit the crime. She may have only mentioned his phobia to her husband. Plus, Jiao didn't even tell her why she scared the willy out of her (abduction is pretty extreme) and beat her into a pig head.
Robi1 year ago
It's not like anything new. You came to here still now accustomed to MC? Tbf, for the era's brutal settings, getting beaten up is the least that could happen to her. There's more sinister scheming way back there from kidnapping, torture, poisoning etc.
Robi1 year ago
Also, I really think it's her doing. Why? The crown prince didn't know ML looks like the little marquis until they sat face to face. The 'supposed' accident happen prior to that meet up. Also, base on ML's memories of her asking him to die for her, she totally have the motive to silence him. Don't look at her liking 'A-heng', there are people that like others but rather want them die so that they won't become their stumbling block, as well as not be own by others.
Diair7 months ago
Jiaojiao has always been rash, and she prefers to punish people with her fists rather than anything else. Liulang is the one who solves things through logic and scheming.
Seesorse7 months ago
Her punishment is lighter compared to being tortured and be brought to brothel
Lala1 month ago
Where were you when MC was brutally abusing hee bio dad just because of suspicion that was later proven not to be his doing, lol.
JazmineGwapa1 year ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thanks for the chapter ☺️
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