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Jhazh221 week ago
I guess she ask him to die for her because shes greedy ... she want to become crown princess
waterplease4 days ago
yeah, she couldn't ask him to take back their engagement because then her reputation would be soiled so the best thing she came up with was to kill him and make it look like he died in an accident, leaving her with a pristine image as a white lotus who lost her beloved so that the long admirer crown prince would fall more deeply into her🙄😟
Wolf2 months ago
Good job little trio! 🤣🤣
tcube5 months ago
There could be a dark secret btw crown princess and ah heng. This author is amazing always making it interesting and funny. Thank u for the chapter
Leikr3 months ago
I thought so too, otherwise why would a low born girl say that her fiance should die for her, like wut? If that were me even if she a child I'll drag her feet out of the marquisate with her face rubbing on the ground.
kahluadragon10 months ago
Ok. This was a terrible resolution for this green tea bi**ch
charredcarp1 year ago
Hahaha yeah well I don't like her anyway. Man I can't wait until the Marquis learns Gu Jiao is married to his son. The Marquis is probably my favorite character.
Lala1 month ago
I like that we're 200 ch in and somehow such basic information that could easily be search is still unknown.
Dramacrazy101 year ago
Haha... Such hilarious chapter and retribution for crown princess. Thanks
JazmineGwapa1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter ☺️
haha1 year ago
hahah she deserved that. Yes! The father was thinking straight. As much as he wanted to know Xiao Liulang's identity, using his phobia against him is not right. Ugh the Crown Princess makes me so mad. Basically she wanted to harm him if she turns out to be her ex-fiance and then kill him =_=. Glad he didn't end up marrying him.
denden1 year ago
Thank you for the chapter.
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