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charredcarp2 weeks ago
Hahaha yeah well I don't like her anyway. Man I can't wait until the Marquis learns Gu Jiao is married to his son. The Marquis is probably my favorite character.
Dramacrazy102 weeks ago
Haha... Such hilarious chapter and retribution for crown princess. Thanks
JazmineGwapa2 weeks ago
Thanks for the chapter ☺️
haha2 weeks ago
hahah she deserved that. Yes! The father was thinking straight. As much as he wanted to know Xiao Liulang's identity, using his phobia against him is not right. Ugh the Crown Princess makes me so mad. Basically she wanted to harm him if she turns out to be her ex-fiance and then kill him =_=. Glad he didn't end up marrying him.
denden2 weeks ago
Thank you for the chapter.
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