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Diair7 months ago
Aw... She wanted to be free, but in the end she was thrown in a cage.
Odess11 months ago
Ого как закрутилось!!
Katie1 year ago
Just old bastards causing trouble left and right because of their old grudges. Even if the Dowager really attempted to kill the ml, I dare not think the Marquis was innocent. As the Marquis & the Zhuang family confronted each other, how could there be one villain? It's ironic that the emperor hates the Zhuang family after all their service. An Junwang was sent away. Dowager helped him get the throne. Read more Truly his father's son for sleeping and favoring a multitude of women but still expecting the love and servitude of another woman. Show less
J Doe1 year ago
I expected Jiao to come save Grandaunt, but I never expected Grandaunt to also save Jiao from her own self. Very nicely played!
Robi1 year ago
I... I teared up
charredcarp1 year ago
The marbles. And blood lust. And regaining memories! Ahhh I just want to binge read this.
SassiDani07061 year ago
…ohhh Cliffhanger!!!
Tinushka1 year ago
Thank you TL. Great chapter ❤️
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