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Magi_sharap2 weeks ago
To be honest jiaojiao is twisted but still has morals, i love her sm my baby. I'll pamper her too if i have money sadly im broke af
Yu9 months ago
Thanks for the chapter
Milkbiscuit10 months ago
Oh so that’s why she’s doing so much for him. And I find it interesting that she thinks in the first person there. Technically, the one who passed away should be the original Gu Jiao. Because only the foolish GJ would have been tricked so horribly.
haha11 months ago
👀 she dreamt of her death?
FoxReader1202711 months ago
She dreamt of the fate of the original Gu Jiao when she was later abandoned by the Dingan estate and died alone in a far off estate. While the original Gu Jiao lived in seclusion, she offered him a cup of tea when he had to seek shelter during cold weather as he was passing by; he had already become a PM by then I believe.
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