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Yu9 months ago
Thanks for the chapter
Vindictivity11 months ago
...except I bet Gu Jiao solved it first and this Crown Princess will temporarily take her credit, until the truth comes out. With some stories, the repeated pattern of events becomes very tiresome. In this story, it's pretty fun, because all the jerks who try to claim credit get slapped so hard within only a few chapters instead of dragging out the matter for dozens of chapters. Hah!
kahluadragon10 months ago
But didn't they do it independently?
Diair7 months ago
You really think the Crown Princess would pay someone to pose as a crazy beggar on the street in order to challenge people with the Kun puzzle, all so she can reap the benefits once some random passerby solves it without knowing what exactly they just solved? That's quite the stretch. I really doubt it's the case.
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