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Akime yuko5 months ago
“The dragon shadow guard, after being struck on the mask, paused briefly and looked at Gu jiao with that underwent a subtle change” idk i why get excited over this.. this is the first shadow guard that show emotion
Shawstiles7 months ago
First time meeting her mother in law
AdwinStroy8 months ago
Was that the princess?
JazmineGwapa8 months ago
I think sooo
J Doe8 months ago
I think it was hubbie's mother. She has shadow guards and is very mysterious. He doesn't want to meet up with her and his father has mentioned her, causing Luilang to almost tear up. He thinks not only will she know him, but he won't have the ability to keep his current life if she tells him to return home. She's how he knew to use the flute melody to call the guards away when they attacked Jing that time. I'm somewhat sure that our princess Ning'an is the wife of the artist that Jiao's brothers go see. Could be wrong about that but there are mysteries surrounding that couple as well.
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