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Wolf1 month ago
🤣🤣can't stop laughing
sailor93girl2 months ago
for some reason I keep thinking about Baymax
PineappleSugar4 months ago
Why does he suddenly remind me of Gu Changqing? Didn't he go to visit Liulang's mom?
IceCloud276 months ago
He's a special dragon shadow guard, want to see his face
AdwinStroy6 months ago
Hahaha, I don’t know how to respond to this. Does he have like a weird OCD? It seems the Dragon Guarda are a lot more human than what has been shown so far. I’m curious to see how this will turn out.
Dramacrazy106 months ago
So hilarious... Who is this shadow dragon guard? Why is he treating jiao2 like little jingkong? Interesting.. Thanks
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