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Vindictivity6 months ago
Oh man, that's so cute--Liulang used to play with his mom's Dragon Shadow Guard, and clearly said "living weapon" really liked it. Awwwww. Jiaojiao just replaced the Crown Princess's useless pills with super-effective heart medication... so it's guaranteed that the Crown Princess is suddenly going to get all the credit for Princess Xinyang's sudden improvement. Now, is she going to act like Gu Jinyu and greedily eat up all the praise and benefits from something she had nothing to do with, or is she going to be honestly confused and think her medicine did the job?
J Doe5 months ago
Probably honestly confused. She visited and gave medicine = Princess Xinyang got better. Only the dragon shadow guard knows for sure. Mixed feelings about how hard that should boomerang back on her. I know she's a sketchy character and all, but like Jiaojiao's sister, there's room to think she's making poor choices rather than being evil.
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